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next generation android apps and android games
Samsung TV Remote for Andorid

The best Samsung Smart TV remote control for Android, now with Android Wear Support and built in DLNA Server.

OneDrive AutoSync for Android

OneDrive AutoSync. Sync your Android files with Microsoft OneDrive back and forth.

Catify Photo for Android

Catify yourself on any photo. 9 out of 10 cats recommend Catify as your official cat-face app.

Jack: Winter’s Tale

Winter’s Tale. Follow Jack on his adventures on a snowy winter night.

About Andev

Andev™ is a startup mobile developer team. Our mission is to create first class mobile games and applications over different mobile platforms such as Android or iOS. Focusing on creating the next generation end-user entertainment apps for mobile on various platforms: Android based smartphones and tablets, iPads and iPhones. Most of our apps is available for free, containing some ads, or in paid version - if you would like to support our team.

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